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Here is how it works
  1. We have partnered with some of the leading education institutions in Australia
  2. The student or their agent sends us an application for enrolment at any of our partner institutions in Australia
  3. We assess the student's application and contact the student's preferred educational institution
  4. We send the student/agent an Offer and COE
  5. The student gets a visa and books their flight. 
  6. The student sends us their arrival date
  7. We send the student his/her homestay details
  8. We meet the student at the airport and transfer him/ her to their homestay
  9. The student starts their school/college and enjoys their study.  It’s that easy.
  10. We always remain available as a friendly point of contact for the student, their agent/parents and our partner institutions in Australia.
We guarantee a service that will blow you away….