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Extra support for your child
Transfer from an English language college to high school can be both an exciting and challenging time for young students.  We also understand that you may be concerned about how your child will manage the change from his or her English college to high school.

With our support, your child and you will not need to worry about anything, as we will take care of everything. 

We will:
  • Facilitate a seamless transfer for your son or daughter from the English college to their school
  • Contact your child’s school and arrange the transfer details for their first day at school
  • Ensure that the accommodation arrangements have been looked after by the school
  • Maintain ongoing contact with your child to ensure that they have settled well into the school

All our partner schools have dedicated staff to look after international students.  Your child will meet all the relevant staff at the school and will be able to seek their support as needed.  AIECG will continue to be an extra point of support for you, your agent and your child so we can help, as needed. AIECG will continue to:
  • Liaise with the school regularly to monitor your child’s progress
  • Provide feedback to you as needed.
  • Contact the school on your behalf, if you need to get any additional information on your child’s progress
As we mentioned earlier, we are parents ourselves and we understand how important your child’s welfare is to you. Together with the support and services provided directly by our partner English language colleges and schools, we at AIECG will do our best to provide additional support to your child while they study in Australia at one of our partner institutions. 

So, we greatly look forward to warmly welcoming your child to Australia.

You will find key information on our partner schools on our website. If you or your education advisor/agent need our help in deciding the right school for your child, please contact us by email/ phone at any time.